Shotgun Red's "Touch of Sweet" Wine
“If you are like me, when you see a glass of wine,
you naturally think, I know how it should taste!”
Twenty years ago I was flying to Nashville, Tennessee, to be on national TV for the first time with my little buddy, Shotgun Red. The flight attendant asked, “Would you like a glass of wine?” Having never tasted wine, I just knew how it was going to taste. I took one drink and remarked, “If you have to wear a three-piece suit and fly in first class to drink this stuff, put me back in coach!” Five years later, we were doing a show in Pennsylvania and a small winery presented the band members with a bottle of wine. I thought, now this is exactly how wine should taste: easy to drink with a wonderful concord flavor. Needless to say, the bottle never made it back to Nashville! 

I found out two years ago the small winery that opened in 1994 became one of the largest wineries in Pennsylvania. In 2002 the owners, Mike and Carol Williams, opened a second winery in Versailles, Ohio. After 17 years, I asked them, “Would you make Shotgun Red Wine?”

Now, there’s a great wine for Bar-B-Qs, Jam Sessions, and of course, Ladies Night Out!  Never order “White Zin” again, just because you’re afraid you will end up, like me, with a wine they served on Flight #279.

Order Shotgun Red “Touch of Sweet” Wine! Tonight, you’ll need two glasses! 

Steve Hall – Shotgun Red

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